Known as Valeree, 24-year-old retro pop artist Megan Mortensen hails originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, citing influences such as Etta James and Amy Winehouse. Valeree grew up performing in various theatres in Pittsburgh, while simultaneously developing a pattern of substance abuse throughout her early teens. At sixteen, following an arrest and hospitalization, Valeree was sent to a rehabilitation facility in Los Angeles, CA. She turned to songwriting as a form of therapy, eventually becoming a crucial fixture in her path to self-discovery. She remained in Los Angeles and began playing gigs around the city in the following years, while continuing to hone her songwriting skills. In 2019, Valeree began collaborating with producers and fellow songwriters Adam Allison and Danny Balistocky in to create her debut project, a series of three singles and an EP entitled "Masochist". Her signature soulful vocals deliver themes of complex, multifaceted women in relationships, substance abuse, and introspective self-analysis, wrapped in a modern-meets-vintage sound with notable influences of R&B, Motown, Blues, & Soul.
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